Property Insurance for Your Peace of Mind

When you choose to entrust your property to our care, rest assured that our expert team ensures that the necessary insurance coverage is in place, including both third-party and liability insurance. We also strongly recommend that you consider additional insurance options, such as rental insurance, landlord insurance, contents insurance, and individual house insurance. These supplementary insurance policies provide coverage in cases where your property, its contents, or the structure itself may face potential damage.

Safety Measures and Equipment

Preventing accidents is our top priority. Before you rent out your vacation property, our professional staff takes extra precautions to ensure the installation of safety equipment. We advise the inclusion of safety features like door locks and chains, carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, first aid kits, and secure deposit boxes. Not only do these safety measures protect your property, but they also allow you to inform your guests about the safety provisions in place. Some visitors may not be accustomed to staying in a completely secure environment, so providing amenities like secure deposit boxes can be highly appreciated. In fact, some travelers actively seek vacation accommodations with these safety measures, so having these features can make your property stand out on booking platforms.

Security Deposits Made Simple

Requiring a security deposit is often the most straightforward way to prevent property damage. However, setting an excessive security deposit may deter potential renters. Our team conducts thorough research on comparable properties in the area to determine an appropriate security deposit amount, ensuring it is competitive in the market.

Guest Screening for Added Security

To safeguard your vacation property, one of the most effective methods is to carefully screen potential guests. Our experienced team uses a variety of resources to assess whether we should accept a booking. We conduct identity verification checks when screening potential guests. Guests providing multiple forms of verified identification, such as a passport, social media accounts, and contact information validation, increase their credibility. This helps us understand the guests better and ensures their authenticity. If a prospective guest lacks various forms of verified ID, we ask additional questions to maintain the same level of confidence.

Review and Reference Analysis

Our team meticulously reviews the references and feedback provided by potential guests before approving a booking. References, while easily obtained, offer valuable insights into a guest’s character. Additionally, reviews left by previous hosts on booking platforms are particularly informative. If we come across reviews mentioning disruptive behavior like loud music or parties, we may choose to decline the reservation.

Once the screening process indicates that a booking can be approved, confirmation occurs upon receipt of the deposit, which typically ranges from 20 to 30 percent of the total booking amount.



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